Exhibit: Awaiting the Master

I had the great honor last spring of being invited by author Kwame Yonatan to exhibit along side the launch of his second book Nasce um Desejo. All the photos are medium format, taken on a Fujica GW690 and lovingly hand dipped. Prints are available.

*Side note: Kwame is the possible originator and patent holder of the the phrase “são minhas brisas” those are my breezes, also expressed in the present tense as “estou brisando só” I’m just breezing. These phrases describe the moment when artistic production takes a temporary trip into the indecipherable, where what the artists is saying/doing/making holds meaning only to the artist and even that meeting is somewhat vague. Sometimes the breeze is the gateway to something unexpected and meaningful. Most times it ain’t. In moments like this we must all exercise our inner Faulkner and  “kill our darlings.” Or pay an editor to kill them for us.

**Side note 2: The GW690 takes 8 shots per roll. In an age of infinite shots and infinite space, an 8 shot limit is hilariously limiting. Each roll then gets developed by hand, then must be scanned or printed. Each shot ends up accumulating dollar value in time, chemicals, paper and blood. It is the anti-breeze.

Awaiting the Master 5Awaiting the Master-4Awaiting the Master-6Awaiting the Master-7Awaiting the Master-9Awaiting the Master-13Awaiting the Master-12Awaiting the Master-15

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